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47 percent of serious workplace accidents and 40 percent of fatal workplace accidents have drug and/or alcohol involvement. (Occupational Medicine)

38 percent to 50 percent of all workers compensation claims are related to alcohol or drug abuse in the workplace. (National Council of Compensation Insurance)

Over 90 percent of alcohol users and 74 percent of drug abuser are employed. (NIDA, DHHS)

An average of 15 percent to 17 percent of employees in every U.S. company are substance abusers. (Bureau of Labor Statistics)

40 percent of the time a substance user causes an accident, a coworker is injured. (Occupational Medicine)

Substance users are 33 percent to 50 percent less productive (Ohio BWC)

Users are absent an average of three weeks more per year and tardy three times more often than non-users. (Ohio BWC)

Substance abusers file 300 to 400 percent more costly claims medical claims than non-users. (Ohio BWC)

An estimated 50 percent to 80 percent of all pilferage, theft, and loss is due to substance-using employees. (Ohio BWC)


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